Zombie TV

Adrien Marcais

Adrien Marcais’s artistic approach is influenced by surrealism and symbolism. He likes the idea of the artist as a shaman who despite the technological evolution of the society is the remain of the past. Marcais has been deeply influenced by African art and the animistic experiences he encountered when he was living in West Africa, especially the Dogon country in the north of Mali.
I use in my paintings a lot of personal items and memories that I depict in some images in the image like the remain of personal memories. I use my personal experience as an attempt to reach the universal experience inside each of us.”
  • 2019
  • Signed
  • Edition 1/10
  • 1 Available
  • “Zombie TV” I represented someone who is hypnotized by the TV. In the US, TV’s are everywhere and I see this object as something like a new religion. The old-time human sacrifice of ancient civilizations has been replaced by wars and people dying on TV. This is the new modern catharsis and scapegoats that societies are looking for to exist.
  • This is a lino print which I practice on top of my painting. It allows me to depict something more illustrative and allow a different approach to my art.

Lino print, 8" x 8"

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