Well Aware

Mario Moore


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Mario Moore flips the history of classical portraiture on its head. As an art form that has traditionally been reserved for the ruling class, Moore creates beautiful portraits of everyday, working class people. Yet, these everyday scenes are anything but in Moore's hands - he creates works with soul, depth, and an appreciation for the the little things in life.

  • 2015

  • Editions 6/20 and 7/20,

    In this work, Moore depicts a woman standing, facing her mirror doing her makeup. He lets the viewer in on an intimate, private moment. However, it hardly feels intrusive. Instead, it's as if we know this woman. She could be any of our friends, lovers, or even us ourselves. In this simple etching, Moore brings us into this woman's world, and her into ours

Etching on paper,  9.25 x 7.25

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