Video Still from "Sebastian Suspended" 1999 No. 1

Ron Athey

Los Angeles based artist know for creating 40 years of multi-media performance art, I have included both body based practice with a focus on esoterica. 

“In his bloody self-obliterations, Ron Athey reveals the profound enigma of the body as the primary location of SELF. His flesh is a source of Life and a source of Death. Athey creates vital images drenched with human violence; his blood is spilled to placate our fear of the unknown and of mortality. Yet his performances are also implicit celebrations.
— Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
  • 2006
  • 2 images from 1999 performance "Sebastian Suspended" produced with Western Projects Gallery, this was also shown at MOCA LA for The Artists Museum 2011.
  • Inspired by artists such as Yukio Mishima and Derek Jarman's use of the St. Sebastian, and further research associating the saint in times of plague, the resurrection myth of St. Irene healing his body in between martyrdoms, I've used this image from 1990 to present, on my own and other artists bodies.
  • Several of my images were used for the pivotal 2003 Kunsthalle Wien show "St. Sebastian: A Splendid Readiness for Death" 


 C-print, framed and matted 13 x 16

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