Van Gag

Cara Coombe

Coombes’ series, To Paris, With Love, examines the stereotypical Parisian tourist experiences traditionally featured on postcards such as; iconic artworks from galleries and museums, French delicacies, monuments and significant landmarks. Coombe only has impressions of the city from found media and imagery. Much of this media is highly refined and dreamlike, such as the imagery traditionally featured on postcards from cities. Coombe dissects this dreamlike imagery and manipulates it through a surrealist lens.

  • Certificates of Authenticity, stamped and signed by the artist, included upon purchase
  • Surrealist imagery is the perfect analogy of the city that Coombe once held hopeful dreams to visit, disrupted by the nightmare of a global pandemic. Each image in the series presents a cliché postcard scenario which Coombe manipulates, instead, presenting disturbing, surrealist, and nightmarish imagery that currently haunts her relationship with a city far out of reach from her reality

12" x 8”, Photography, Archival Gold Fibre Fine Art Paper

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