Macon Reed


Macon Reed is a multidisciplinary artist who creates objects that are activated through performance and public participation, creating rituals and discourse around sociopolitical issues and intimacy. Her work is guided by a set of central concerns around power, collective consciousness and belonging, providing an inclusive platform for exchange.

Objects and immersive installations are formed with simple and accessible materials in unapologetically bright colors, allowing the inconsistencies of her hand to show. Each work is framed through a queer and intersectional feminist lens, addressing underrepresented histories and communities.

DIY culture and living off-the-grid formed her approach to collaboration, developing trust with participants, and relating beyond normative culture. Macon believes radical imagination must be protected and her practice challenges the stories we are told and who gets to tell them.

  • This painting is part of a body of work I produced for my solo exhibition "Who is Afraid of Magic?"
  • 2017
  • Signed
  • "Who is Afraid of Magic?" is a body of work about the relationship of the human imagination to magic and fear of the unknown. this painting is a meditation on the things that block our access to collective imaginatiion and how to escape them.” - Macon Reed

    Acrylic gouache painting on paper 22 x 30 plus frame

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