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Myrna Goldberg

Mission_Female Founded
For the past several years Myrna Goldberg has been creating sculptures using porcelain and stoneware paper clay. She transforms discarded trash such as cardboard packing materials, bubble wrap, old fabric bags, etc. (the refuse of society) into new energetic forms. Goldberg is inspired by the textures and organic forms of nature, the tension and mystery between inside and out, and the exploration of taking the materials to their technical limits..

  • 2019
  • Signed
  • Sculptures using porcelain and stoneware paperclay are inspired by the textures and organic forms of nature. Pieces are hand-built often by shaping and constructing new forms with paperclay or dipping discarded refuse in liquid paperclay. Dipped pieces that are coated with paperclay are ultimately burned out by the high temperatures of the kiln so that only the porcelain coating remains

Stoneware & porcelain paperclay, 14.25" x 4.5" x 3"

Free shipping within Continental US. There are no refunds. If the work arrives damaged or not as advertised the collector will be offered the option to exchange for a work of equal value or store credit for the full amount.