Triple Eclipse

Carlos Rosales-Silva


Carlos Rosales-Silva is an artist and educator working and living between New York, NY and Texas.

  • 2021
  • Signed
  • "My work exists in the space between borders. The works I make are grounded in a practice of painting but often borrow from sculptural and installation practices, they exist in the spaces between classification. For the last decade my studio has been a place for research and meditation on the ever-expanding histories of Brown peoples in the United States. My works consider the histories of the vernacular cultures of the American Southwest, the western canon of art history, and the political and cultural connections and disparities between them."
  • "This triptych is both an illustration of a mythical event crossing space and time and a color and texture study. I am interested in the interaction of colors and thinking of color as a physical material that we all feel and move through."

Sand and stone in flashe paint, 10" x 10"

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