Raphaelle Macaron


Raphaelle Macaron is a Lebanese illustrator and comic book author based in Paris. Her illustration is heavily influenced by the music she listens to and the records she collects. Through her poster work, she looks for ways to articulate the vintage and traditional codes of typography with contemporary subjects. She aims to tackle issues such as diversity, identity, feminism and social justice through her regular collaborations with NGOs. 

  • 2018

  • 15 available

  • TOP OIL was initially created as part of series of Beirut Touristic Posters for a collective exhibition at the Pulp Comics Festival in Paris, 2018. The series aimed to ironically introduce the city as a selling product, packaged for the West, while using traditional Lebanese references. Top Oil is a fake ad for a fake suntanning oil. This poster was initially reprinted as part of a joint effort with Paris-based Risograph printer Studio Fidèle ( to raise fund for Beirut. The campaign raised 92k euros for local NGOs, 100% of the sales were donated.

Ink on paper, Digital colors, Risograph print produced by Studio Fidèle (Paris), A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inch)

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