The Printmakers

Simon Cooper


Simon Cooper is a visual artist and painter based in New York City. A passion for history and a love of painting, Simon’s work is a blend of the two. He takes inspiration from various significant figures and events from the past, imagery from across art history, and reimagines them in his own distinct style. The work is considered a collaboration with artists of the distant past. Taking from a variety of sources, Simon portrays art from numerous eras including the Middle Ages, the Northern and Italian Renaissance, and the Dutch Golden Age. Using bold line work and vibrant colors, works from the archives of art history feel ever more contemporary and present. This mixture of classical and contemporary presents something familiar yet entirely new.

  • 2019

  • Signed

  • “The Printmakers” is based on a variety of prints and drawings made during the Northern Renaissance. Many of the prints made then depict various occupations of the time from carpentry to distillation. Printmakers at the time were considered an important trade, and as a printmaker myself it seemed only necessary to pay homage to its rich history.

Oil, acrylic on wood, 18" x 24"

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