The New Black ABC’s: V is for Vote

Sammy Jean Wilson

Sammy Jean Wilson (b.1983) hails from rural Wisconsin and inner-city Detroit. With a diverse multi-racial background (African American, Caucasian, Native American), they distinctively represent the cultural variety of BIPOC. Working in the domain of digital art/mixed-media illustration, with the intent that art can be made anywhere in this format. Their content muses an alternate history; re-appropriating images of the past. Focusing on stereotypes and identity as they relate to: race, body politics, class, self awareness, storytelling, food and culture.— AMBER VITTORIA
  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Edition of 50
  • 2 available for sale
  • “The New Black ABC’s” proposes an alternate history: What would have happened if COVID-19 would have taken place then? The original flash cards were printed in 1970 by two Chicagoan teachers. With the intent to empower inner-city African American children by showing them that they too are represented in education— that they too are important. In 2020 these cards are still as relevant as ever to project the importance of the youth. Portraying measures that we would have hoped to have been taken to ensure their safety.

Archival giclee print on cotton paper, 11”x14”

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