The Great Work

Zoe Brice


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Zoe Brice's work is informed by research into mythology and folklore. She particularly interested in the symbolism of the serpent across cultures. Brice uses imagery inspired by her research to represent unseen forces and liminal spaces. This body of work thematically represents the birth and development of our universe combining classical and contemporary science and philosophy, beginning with chaos and ending with humankind’s experience of the transcendental.

  • 2019

  • Signed

  • This piece presents humankind’s knowledge of alchemy. On a material level, alchemists tried to combine base and opposing elements of light and dark and transmute them into gold, but the study of alchemy also has a spiritual component, where the procedure, also known as the Great Work, is a metaphor for the development of the soul.

Gouache on paper,  7" x 5"

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