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Laurencia Strauss

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For over two years people in Miami’s neighborhoods have contributed advice about adapting in exchange for popsicles. At a mobile cart, The Bubble Pops Popsicle Project has asked over 1000 people what they have learned from experiences like surviving hurricanes and migrating. In exchange for their advice, they receive a hand-crafted popsicle, featuring images of areas at risk from sea level rise. As the popsicles are consumed, the popsicle stick reveals advice from a previous participant in English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole.

This body of knowledge about adaptation has grown and circulated, elevating the expertise of our communities and reinforcing the ecological concept of interdependence. The project builds our sense of belonging and allyship while activating our capacity to respond to our uncertain futures. The BILLBOARDS series shares this archive of advice as a sequence of sculptures that imagine the advice in our everyday landscapes

12" x 9" x 10"

adaptation advice from people in Miami-Dade County, suminagashi ink, watercolor paper, colored pencil, chipboard, wood, screen, metal mesh