The Boy Who Left the Earth

James Miille

James Miille is a surreal portrait photographer based in NYC. His artwork has been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Hi-Fructose Magazine, and Artnet, and has also been exhibited in solo exhibitions in New York, Miami, and Paris.
I work at the intersection between the real world and the imagined, between my mind and my experiences, and between dark and light. My work explores a variety of philosophical and psychological mysteries of the world, offering a visual interpretation of the questions that trouble us most.
  • 2017
  • Edition 1-5
  • 5 available 
  • Includes signed and wax-sealed certificate of authenticity
  • "The other night I dreamt my body soared away from this planet, and I'm not quite sure if it ever came back down."

Hahnemühle fine art pearl archival print, 30 x 36 inches, unframed, 

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