The black on my back dances in a room full of to many silence (Rebirth)

Morel Doucet


Morel Doucet employs ceramics, illustrations, and prints to examine the realities of climate-gentrification, migration, and displacement within the Black diaspora communities. His work catalogs a powerful record of environmental decay at the intersection of economic inequity, the commodification of industry, personal labor, and race.

  • Artwork original produce in December 2019.

  • Signed and Numbered

  • Photos are carefully color balanced to capture the essence of the artwork

  • Limited edition of 10 Grande prints + Certification of authenticity

  • Photography in collaboration with David Gary Lloyd.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag (100% Cotton Paper).

Deluxe print 24” x 36”

Free shipping within Continental US.