Take Over

Juan Hinojosa




As the first-born child of two Peruvian immigrants in America I became absolutely obsessed with all aspects of American culture. As a child, the desire to have more than we could afford became a constant struggle. This led to my obsession with collecting everything I could get my hands on. I crisscross the city, accumulating discarded ready-made items and picking up pieces of trash, in order to repurpose them as resources to create collages and installations. Constructing art with exclusively found materials has changed the way I look at my own trash and the trash around me. As a “green artist,” I have a responsibility to reduce my waste and the waste in my community, and I accomplish this by turning debris and case offs into art. Each object is extremely precious, as I do not duplicate them in any way. I mix high-end products with low-end goods, mashing up two polar opposites that do not normally go together. Similar to many people in America, I am conflicted by consumerism, and my art works are a result of my own bad habits, desires, and classic American greed.

Mixed media on panel. Plastic flowers, screw, computer disk, iron on patch, candy box and other found objects on panel

9" x 10" x 1.5"