Social Distancing, Coney Island

Jean Ross

Mission_Female Founded


Limited edition of 30 at this size


This image is part of a series made after New York City went into lockdown to minimize the spread of COVID-19 on March 16, 2020. I didn’t set out to document the crisis so much as to understand it. To understand how the very things I held most dear about my adopted home - the energy of a crowd, galleries, art house cinema, and yes, the subway — had become the City’s greatest threats. Once the lockdown began and the hum of the city turned to an eerie silence, I began to walk and bicycle from my home in Brooklyn. At times, I sought a breath of fresh air or a sign of spring that signaled that the virus, like the winter, too would pass. On other days, I set out to find the source of the sirens that had become a 24-hour soundtrack to an empty city. I watched as a “new normal” emerged and empty streets gave way to masked crowds as winter turned to spring.

Custom printed photograph signed and numbered on the reverse. Images are sold unframed and unmatted.

Archival giclee print

18" x 12" printed on 19" x 13"  paper