SnoCone Mary (1/11)

Emma Beatrez

Mission_Female Founded
(body vibration, memory friction, information fog, shifting sound, overtone, fluid image, sculptural transparencies, imposition, grid, meditation, resonance, emptiness, fluidity, space, transference, system, funnel, presence, frequency, light, sound, material.)
My recent work deals with ritual, body, proxemics, desire, and simulation through material, light, sound, and scent explorations.”
  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Edition of 11
  • 4 available
  • This image is 1 of 11 snow casts made at a residency in January of 2020. Using the results of the blizzard trapping us in the space we stayed I created busts of the Virgin Mary painted in food coloring and scanned them into an archive of the ephemera. 

Scan of a virgin Mary bust cast from painted snow, 18"x 24"

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