Marwan Chamaa


Marwan Chamaa's career began in the mid eighties and continues to evolve to this day. Throughout his artistic journey, Marwan's muse has always been his environment. As the renditions of his surroundings have been reinvented in terms of styles, Chamaa has always tried to capture and interpret the world as he see's it to the audience. He has a weakness for the consumerism of our fast paced society, which I like to frequently incorporate in his art. Marwan has been described to have the traits of a paparazzi, storyteller, and an epicurean.

  • 2019

  • Signed

  • The series "Sign Language", made up of twelve paintings of various sizes, Marwan Chamaa explores the possibility of finding a universal language that spans across cultures. This universal language refers to the language of well-known signs and logos that have come to denote a language spoken and understood by all. Need car maintenance? The “Agip” logo will guide you in the right direction, whether in Morocco or in Oman. This series painted in his signature bold colors and strokes, reiterates Chamaa’s message that we are all, in fact citizens of one world, communicating through a universal sign language that makes sense to all.

Acrylic on canvas37" x 51.77"

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