Miami-based Ana Carolina Gonzalez (EVITA), is a female Interdisciplinary Artist from Caracas, Venezuela. She was taught Color Theory through the use of color pencils & chalk pastels by her grandmother at the age of 3. She then learned multiple mediums including painting, sculpting and sketching.

  • 2019
  • "My serpentina painting represents one of the first times I have ever consciously practiced Art Therapy. This painting is a visual representation of my energy during a two-week time span. I worked on this painting almost everyday for about 2-3 hours."
  • :Every time I created a layer of color, I channeled an issue or part of me that I want to change, work on or let go of. The different colors and paint textures of each pour depict frequencies."
  • These frequencies represent waves of energy. All these frequencies are constantly traveling, overlapping, and intertwining. The more energy in a wave, the higher the frequency in it. The lower the frequency is, the less energy displayed in the wave.

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 48 in X 30 in 

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