Save A Life Hero Condom

Katrina Majkut

Mission_Female Founded
Katrina Majkut (My’kut) is a visual artist and writer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She is dedicated to exploring and understanding how social traditions impact civil rights. Majkut's research and findings are represented in her writing and through mediums such as embroidery and painting.

“My art practice highlights how social traditions affect social and civil rights. I am particularly interested in how the gendered and patriarchal history of embroidery and its limited motifs and representations have contributed to adverse identity politics.”
  • 2019
  • Signed
  • The artwork is of an actual, existing condom. Cross-stitched to condoms actual size
  • Majkut's artwork in the series, "In Control" rejects the stereotypical domestic functionality of samplers. Historically, embroidery prepared women for marriage. Samplers represented domestic skill levels and specific cultural and religious values to potential husbands who sought a woman with the right skills to establish a household – make clothes, darn socks. Cross-stitch was used to advertise and represent specific identities related to womanhood, wifedom and motherhood but bodily functions, autonomy and diverse lifestyles were not represented in this textile practice even if they were essential to those roles. The “domestic craft” of In Control attempts to directly challenge this by stitching all products related to (but not limited to) women’s health and needs, family planning, and the body with a fully comprehensive, bipartisan and medically honest approach.

 Cross-stitched thread on Aida Cloth, 8 x 8 inches

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