SAS #3 (black & blue tulip)

Atiya Jones

Mission_Female Founded
Atiya Jones is an autodidact creator of abstract accumulative actions. Her work serves as a representation of many aspects of her Black-femme existence, including human migration, and more specifically the modern diaspora known as gentrification. Her work occupies the realm of mixed media, and incorporates ink-drawings, photography, collage, graphic design, and fiber. When considering the Afro-American experience within America, one must see that communities of color have most often been moved by force, for capital gain. Having personally witnessed the socio-economic/demographic shift of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and now, Pittsburgh, the artist questions how populations reconnect, rebuild and are reflected within their communities. By creating art, Jones creates value. As a Black woman, this is an act of defiance, empowerment and visibility. Her work is about human connection. It is a visual depiction of healing, finding one’s tribe and building a life as a unit. It is about the magic permeating beneath the surface of self, and the search to find it It is soft, tense, mobile and still. The Flatbush (Brooklyn), NY native is currently navigating life in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • SAS #3 (black & blue tulip) is a part of The Self-Avoidance Series (SAS), created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. After directing energy towards mask-making and digital overindulgence, jones acknowledged a self-disconnection that had occurred in her attempts to protect and reach the outside world. Images from this series are evidence of the reconnection to self.
  • 2021
  • Signed 
  • The Self-Avoidance Series was born of out the feelings of disconnection and isolation felt during the pandemic. During the early months of Covid, I committed myself to mask production, turning my home into a small batch factory. The soft-sculptures in this series are filled with mask remnants, the evidence of my (invisible) labor and are not intended for use as pillows or during rest. They are to be useless and admired. ” - Atiya Jones

    Acrylic and artist ink on canvas, mask remnants. 14” x 13.5” x 13”

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