Roses in Blue

Buffy Davis

Mission_Female Founded
I'm starting the second act of my life through the lens of my camera and an interest in alternative photography processes. I'm particularly interested in Cyanotype and how to modernize it through the use of gold leaf or other mediums I can apply to my pieces to make them more interesting. The historic Cyanotype process from 1842 is a very hands-on process. I find it very relaxing and zen-like and put much planning into each piece that I make. I have always been drawn to the eclectic style, roadside attractions, vintage items, and doing things differently. I love making large format pieces that show how I see things, items with lots of contrast, detail, and imperfections

  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Photograph of garden roses developed in the Cyanotype process from 1842 on watercolor paper Photography developed in the Cyanotype process from 1842 on heavy-duty watercolor paper. By hand coating watercolor paper with iron salts to make the paper light-sensitive, I develop a negative with the use of the sun or UV light table into a positive image. When the paper is washed it turns a beautiful Cyan Blue. 

 Photography x 30" H x 22" W

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