Rise Up, O Fallen Ones, Rise Up!

Merrilee Challiss


Merrilee Challiss’s work explores how can art be used as a channel to elevate our level of understanding that everything is connected so that we will learn to live in harmony with the land, other species, and each other? She is a multi-media artist, who creates works that are responses are meditations (manifested in the form of images, objects, and installations) on these themes. For Challiss, the artist’s role, much like that of the trickster, is to the portal to the imaginal realms, tapping into the source of the collective imagination, and upon returning, to re-enchant and heal the world.

  • 2019
  • 25th Edition
  • Nature is speaking to us. 

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Gouache, watercolor and ink on paper, 18" x 24"

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