Raw Meals


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The most interesting dog food that takes the guesswork and gross-factor out by delivering your dog’s raw meals right to your doorstep.

Each bowl is filled with nutritious flash-frozen raw food (beef round, liver & sweetbreads, kale, peas & blueberries, pork bone), topped with real food vitamins formulated to promote a targeted wellness goal. Our portion recommendation is based on your dog’s current age, weight, activity level, and lifestyle.

Your dog’s meals are shipped to your door every 15 days and stack neatly in your freezer. Each bowl is one day of balanced nutrition for your dog, and can be served frozen - no need to thaw unless you prefer to.

The raw truth: Feeding your dog a raw food diet is the healthiest and safest choice you can make for them. But it doesn’t always fit into your lifestyle. We take the guesswork and gross-factor out of it by delivering your dog’s daily bowls to your doorstep, so you can both thrive.