Preparedness Kit



Preparedness Kit is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


The most interesting everyday essentials medicines that helps you be prepared for what you can't predict.

Staying calm and preparation is key. Our Preparedness Kit includes medicines to alleviate cold & flu-like symptoms and reduce fevers. Bundled for convenience to avoid the unwanted pharmacy or grocery store run.

Includes hand cleanser spray mixed with 70% alcohol and natural oils to keep your hands clean and smelling fresh.   

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We get that unforeseen things happen, so we want to support you when they do. Let us know what went wrong and we’ll make sure we take care of the problem.

At this time, Cabinet doesn’t receive returned products. In the meantime, please safely dispose of your medicines: 1) mix them in unpalatable substances like coffee grounds or soil, 2) place the medicine and mixture in a container like a used plastic bag, 3) throw the bag in your household trash and 4) recycle the bottle.