PB Tahini Bliss Bites - Sahtein by Soph
PB Tahini Bliss Bites - Sahtein by Soph

PB Tahini Bliss Bites

Sahtein by Soph

Mission_Female Founded Mission_Plant-Based

The Most Interesting flavors of the Middle East in modern, on-the-go bites.

Our first release is one of my all time favorites and a staple in my kitchen - PB tahini bliss bites. Tahini is a rich paste made from ground sesame seeds. Nutty, golden, and delicious, it’s a powerhouse of healthy fat and protein. We use the highest quality, organic and stone ground tahini, paired with sugar free dark chocolate chips, organic almond flour, pressed peanuts, and a hint of monk fruit - it’s the most addictive combination. 

With a serving size of 3 bites, our cookie dough texture and chocolate crunch makes them an irresistible and good for you pick me up.

Low-carb, low calorie, non-GMO, high in natural protein, healthy fat, & fiber - all the good stuff!!

Enjoy for breakfast, pre or post workout, or for your after dinner sweet tooth.

Favourite place/time to consume: post-pilates.

**Note - We send this product chilled as it's best served and kept refrigerated! It extends and preserves the quality.

Serving size optional.

Includes 1 bag with 6 bites.

Free shipping within Continental US.

We currently do not accept returns as we are a F&B brand.

We ship via UPS ground and send out orders Monday - Thursday. Shipping to the East Coast is about 3 days, and to the West Coast is about a week.