Paris Lights

Henrietta Macphee

Mission_Female Founded
Henrietta MacPhee is a British artist, whose practice is centred in clay. Blending the visual and tangible she creates entertaining illusions and a sense of complexity that traverses the border between 2D and 3D. Through a fresh child-like perspective of the world, she portrays scenes of poetic tenderness and humour, interweaving metaphors for embracing life’s diversity of peoples and their cultures.
  • 2020
  • Signed
  • For a few minutes of every hour after sunset the Eiffel tower sparkles. This magical sight is held in my mind when recollecting time spent in the city. The ceramic triptych references traditional postcards using an unconventional medium of clay. The glaze surface captures the moment as the viewer detects the differences of the lights across the three glittering towers

Glazed ceramic, 7" x 6"

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