Paris est bleu No. 3

Valentina Eyzaguirre

Experiences charge already known objects and places with new meaning. That is what happened to the knowledge I had of the color ultramarine blue, specifically of the International Klein Blue version, while participating in L’AiR Arts Residency Program. There in Montparnasse, where that particular version was created, it struck me in an intense way, as if I was seeing it for the very first time. Suddenly I was noticing it all around Paris, breathing the idea behind Yves Klein’s spiritual pursuit through his color blue. — AMBER VITTORIA
  • 2020 
  • Signed
  • Unique work
  • Postcards of Paris ripped off uncovering a layer of ultramarine blue paint that lays underneath the image of a cultural parisian landmark. The work consists of three postcards forming a triptych
Décollage - print on cardboard and pigment paint on watercolour paper,  4,3 x 5,6 inches

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