Pandemic Pastiche

Bob Cooley



Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered Original Photographs sold unframed and unmatted.

Custom printed photograph signed and numbered w/ Certificate of Authenticity

25 available

From my 'Life Under Covid' series, this image is part of a larger documentary work that captured the phases and changes of everyday life as it happened to the people of New York City during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. From fear, to hope, to courage, to the restarting of life, and the new normal of a culture that may be changed forever, this is a glimpse into the story of a city that stood together in unity by standing more than six feet apart.

This image is a lighter moment in the heart of the city, where the resilience and humor of its inhabitants shone through every day during stretches of uncertainty and darkness.

Archival Giclée print

20"x14" image on 22"x17" paper