Orb Weaver

Ivan Roque

Ivan Roque's works revolve around the ideas of nature, energy, time and existentialism. The majority of his works will always contain the use of flora and fauna as I feel the connection is deeper to the nature of homosapiens’ than actual humans’ themselves. Rooted in symbolism Roque uses the flowers to hold and convey the entire message from the attractive to the somber.

  • 2020
  • Signed
  • The orb weaver is one of the most underrated yet beautiful spiders to ever bless the animal kingodm. The orb weaver is a representation of true harmony as it waits all day for food and just recreates whenever its web is destroyed. We can learn from the orb weaver in remembering that all problems have solutions

 Acrylic on Canvas pad, 7" x 5"

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