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Soul Clap / Nona Hendryx 2018

First edition

10 available

"Can you hear the rhythm calling out your name?"

— Nona Hendryx Ever since she first put pen to paper, Nona's transformed rhythm into a salve for the soul, fighting chaos and discord with funk and spirit. Rhythm is the heartbeat of this EP, a pulse fueled by Nona's partners in Soul Clap. She’s penned four new songs for “true believers,” for right now, for moments packed with possibility. Nona brings jazz maestro Jason Miles aboard to free the mind and raise the freak flag on "Funkin' for the World" while groove master’s Selan and Nile Rodgers amplify the one-two punch of her words and rhymes on "Scream." She propels love to blissful heights on "Ooo Ooo" and weaves it through the vibrations on"I Feel Joy (Feel the Spirit)." No matter where the needle drops, Nona puts the evolution in revolutions (per minute). Bask in the joyful spell she casts: "This is your time! -Christian John Wikane (2017)

vinyl record

12" x 12"