No. 7 Midnight Woodland


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The Most Interesting aromatherapy brand that works to inspire wellness and self-care through art and scents.

A 12 ounce eco-candle made with coconut apricot wax and pine, fir needle, and lavender essential oil. One of the bestsellers, the Midnight Woodland takes you to a “spa in the woods”. 🧖🧖‍♀️ You’re surrounded by damp moss, wet tree trunks, and a needle-covered path. If you love fresh musk, earthy, and woody this if for you. Made sustainably with 40 hour burn time. Top notes: fresh air, lavender, citrus sage Middle notes: cinnamon sticks, clove, and forest fern Bottom notes: fir needle, pine, cedarwood This purchase plants a tree.

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