Never Go Away

Nikki Terry

Mission_Female Founded
Nikki Terry is an expressionist artist whose minimalist paintings build on her personal history and emotional DNA. Working primarily on large canvases, she uses her lines to interrupt space and preserve emotion. Her lines, like her memories, are indelible. They are sharp and intrusive, and appear and recede abruptly. She describes her newest studies of graphite dust on paper as a self-exploration of her Blackness - "As I smear and press the dust into paper, it feels like I'm grounding down a little more on my identity as a Black woman and artist."
  • 2021
  • Signed
  • "My cousin said this painting looks like 'white fluffy socks with fabric softener that didn't rinse out all the way'. so I thought this painting is like life– some of the stains rinse out and some never go away."

Watercolor on 300lb paper, 22" x 30"

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