Nesting #34

Natalie Ciccoricco


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Natalie Ciccoricco is a Dutch mixed media artist, living in California. She uses embroidery thread in combination with other materials to weave together new narratives on paper. She enjoys transforming mundane or discarded objects and ephemera, so they can be enjoyed and appreciated once again. For her artworks, she draws inspiration from her dreams, nature, arts, literature and traveling..

  • 2020
  • Unique Work

  • The 'Nesting' series was born during the Covid-19 quarantine at home. For this series, Natalie started creating embroidery artworks using materials found in her yard, on the deck, or on nature walks. Exploring the juxtaposition between geometric shapes and organic elements, this series is an ongoing exercise to find beauty and hope in challenging times.

Embroidery thread and found stick on paper, 12" diameter (this is a circular artwork)

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