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Tattfoo Tan

Responding to issues of health, ecology and climate change, I work across social, cultural, and artistic practices. My unique art making practice focuses on learning and mastering new skills and forms of knowledge, developing effective replicable teaching systems, and inspiring the public to take action. Learn-Practice-Teach

  • 2019
  • 5 available for sale
  • New Earth Resiliency Oracle Cards are part of an art project by artist Tattfoo Tan. Oracle cards are a modern version of tarot cards and used as a divination and healing tool. NEROC trying to look inward in order to be centered, to be heal, to know yourself, to discover both the positive and the pains. It consists of 14 sets of 4 cards: stages of human growth, elements, seasons, temperament dispositions, celestial bodies, nature, weather phenomena, cardinal virtues, monomyth, the suits, male archetypes, female archetypes, tools and natural disaster.

Printed on Nylon, 24" x 36" each x 8

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