Murjoni Merriweather

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Murjoni’s work focuses on addressing and eliminating the negative stereotypes of blackness that still exist both inside and outside of the black community. From their perspective, this starts with erasing the European standards of beauty from blackness while also pushing and normalizing black culture. Murjoni's pieces are created to take up space and to unapologetically give their own personalities as human beings. Each piece is named after someone black or named by someone who is black. Each piece has their own spirit and purpose, just like every human being. They stand tall and proud as a representation of an unforgettable and prominent culture. This gateway of creation uplifts the idea of self love, confidence and appreciation. Murjoni's work is for black people. It is created to display our innate beauty and to encourage us to be proud of who we are.

  • 2019

  • N I C O L E is apart of a smaller series called the Hair & Headwrap series. This series talks about self-confidence and the celebration of natural hairstyles.

Ceramic, Fabric, 16 inches tall. Base is 6" x 7"

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