More Than Memory ix

Jennifer D. Printz

Mission_Female Founded
Through a progressive buildup of graphite, my hand asserts itself over photographs I have taken of the sky. The process is, to me, a loving process of focused attention and deliberate mark making as well as a meditative means of creating that reflects my visceral energies into the finished work through many hours of prolonged touch. The work then contains within it an intersection of humanity and nature, as well as a vast sense of intrinsic history.

  • 2020
  • Signed
  • I am fascinated with the public nature of mourning during the Victorian period and how dress, jewelry, and even stationery showed an individual's loss to the world.
  • This project reflects on the loss and grief we have felt during the COVID-19 pandemic. At 5.5" by 8", each piece is the size of a vintage postcard. Working with that format, I filled the area where postcards hold photographs of sites visited with passages of dense graphite drawing inspiration from black-edged mourning stationery of the Victorian period.
  • Mourning is shown through the use of the color black and with the dark void with each. The darkness is a shroud drawn over each image that echoes the loss of travel, experiences with others, and time in new or familiar places throughout the spring and summer and now fall of 2020. Working in a deliberate process, each piece is a personal meditation on the grief that and we all have felt during this time.

Epson Ultrachrome Inks and Graphite on Paper, 5.5"x 8"

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