Mentally Ill

Chapel of Ghouls

Chapel of Ghouls is an artist who suffers from crippling necrophobia, anxiety, panic disorder, and hypochondria. In order to cope with these disabilities, Chapel of Ghouls expresses these feelings of darkness through the representation of ghouls by releasing them onto a canvas and out of my mind. In short, Chapel of Ghouls is a form of art therapy that clears and cleanses the mind of mental health issues that haunt the artist daily through the power of creativity. 

  • My mind is consumed by continuous thoughts of death hence the ghoul is surrounded by the dark. Most people don't think about dying until they're faced with it. Unfortunately, for me I'm mentally ill and I think about death on a daily basis. However, I try to keep my chin up, stay positive, and hope that there's brighter and more colorful thoughts beyond.
  • 2021
  • Signed
  • I panic and then I paint” - Chapel of Ghouls

    Acrylic's, watercolor, chalk 16x20

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