May the Future Burn Bright

Chapel of Ghouls

Chapel of Ghouls is an artist who suffers from crippling necrophobia, anxiety, panic disorder, and hypochondria. In order to cope with these disabilities, Chapel of Ghouls expresses these feelings of darkness through the representation of ghouls by releasing them onto a canvas and out of my mind. In short, Chapel of Ghouls is a form of art therapy that clears and cleanses the mind of mental health issues that haunt the artist daily through the power of creativity. 

  • This 48x60 canvas was created during a panic attack that I was having in regards to the current pandemic we're suffering through. The candle represents the future with the hope of it shining bright. However, the burning candles also represent the passing of time and the lives we've lost and will continue to lose. The ghoul is shrouded in pink to represent happy/bright thoughts but yet is also surrounded by darkness. Overall, it's how I feel on a daily basis. I try to lie to myself and imagine everything's okay but in fact the world I live in - I'm continuously surrounded by the dark.
  • 2021
  • Signed
  • I panic and then I paint” - Chapel of Ghouls

    Acrylic's, watercolor, chalk 48 x 60

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