Mar Adentro

Nora Maite Nieves


Nora Maité Nieves is an artist interested in the expanded dialogue of painting. Her paintings, drawings and sculptures explore how we define space through domestic ownership. Nieves make reference to ornamental details from architecture, especially to floor and wall surfaces and tiles. She is drawn to the mystic values of objects such as amulets, heirlooms, and jewelry.`

  • 2017

  • Signed

  • Mar Adentro, make reference to the ornamental concrete blocks that are very common in the Caribbean architecture. Is like an abstraction of a landscape that looks into the waves of the sea in the horizon or maybe at a sea of mountains from the inside of a backyard. Mar Adentro means that you are going deep inside the sea, so is when you are far away from the shore. For me, the farther you are from the shore the close you feel to the land

Graphite pencil and ink on paper, 9 in x 12in

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