Maize Meditation

Amanda Turner Pohan

Mission_Female Founded


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'Maize Meditation' is an artist book that documents a timeline of corn cultivation, from the agricultural practices of members of the Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenki Nation of Vermont to the rise of American agricultural biotech corporations. The self-published artist book takes the form of a newspaper, which includes contributions by Chief Shirly Hook of the Koasek Band of The Abenaki Nation, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree representing the 1st District of Maine, curator Rachel Vera Steinberg, and Abenaki artist Amy Hook-Therrien. The profit on all book sales that go to the artist will be donated in full to the Abenaki Tribal Gardens in West Braintree, Vermont, run by Chief Shirly Hook. At the tribal gardens, Chief Shirly and her partner Douglas Bent run an educational program for children, teens, and adults teaching Abenaki agricultural traditions, restoring food sovereignty, and the sacredness of seeds.

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