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Karla Claudio-Betancourt

madre de agua y hierro

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These images are conjured with natural paints made with local pigments I harvested throughout Puerto Rico. They distill in a triptych format archetypes of female creatix entities from Taíno, Native American and European mythology. Among them, on the right, Atabeyra, name given by Taínos to the Mother of Waters, in the shape of reptilean Caguama's menstruating body. She's dripping menses blood that carries the same iron found in the iron oxide pigments that make up the image. On the left is another take on Atabeyra as a spider that weaves creation, taking on characteristics of the Cherokee creation myth of the Water Spider, and the European Greek story of the Fates. Both are menstruating as a play on the creatix and societal archetypes of women, to show that women have the power and freedom to choose a life without giving birth.

clay pigment, limestone powder, gum arabic and clove oil on watercolor paper

9 x 12 inches (w x h)