Lucid Awakening: Chapter 2

Ryan Miller


Ryan Miller is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist, working across several different mediums as well as conceptual and professional environments. Miller’s work has spanned across various creative contexts from visual art to fashion and curation, now landing in the realm of producing multi-sensory abstract landscapes.

Miller’s series Lucid Awakening is the first completed series to emerge from the artist’s current studio in Bushwick, taking inspiration from popular culture and trending aesthetics. Lucid Awakening seeks to invite its viewer into the world within the artist’s canvas: one of cotton candy clouds and texturous abstractions. These multimedia paintings probe their audience to experience emotions beyond dimensional boundaries, akin to the artist’s practice as a vehicle for phenomenological exploration.

As an artist Miller is interested in creating spaces with ample opportunity for engagement, contemplation, meditation, and euphoria. Although his primary medium remains the surface of a blank canvas, Miller often looks for moments to transcend that boundary: layering material, adding dimension or mirroring imagery and common motifs on the streets of Bushwick. As a collaborator and curator Miller has worked to envision and execute backdrops for fashion photography as well as create holistic environments incorporating experimental lighting and auditory elements. 

Year: 2021


Photography - Chris Garofalo / @chris_garofalo_

Model - Stevie Miller / @_hippea

Acrylic on Canvas

Approx. 56 x 68 in

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