Love Puffs

Naomi Chambers


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Naomi Chambers creates art under the moniker and brand, BirthdayGirl, SugarFoot, andGG. Her work documents specific and nonspecific events, places, and people in her life. She enjoys dealing with patterns, idea conception, memory and narrative. Art has become a personal vent, mental exercise, and entertainment to her. Her work is usually layered with multiple concepts because it is reflective of her desire to manage the complexities of her life while connecting to others
When we say, "sending you love and light" to each other this is what I see." 
  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Chambers enjoys most when others make a connection to her work. She uses bright colors, tacky visuals about food, and borrowing kawaii language to further convey explicit messages of love and adoration of black and brown people.
  • Dealing with her nature to nurture and provide abundance for herself and loved ones her work centers greatly on those themes.

Gouache on Canvas, Felt, 24"x24"

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