Sandra Fele Art


Sandra Fele’s work often explores the relationship between the natural and the manmade, and how vulnerable we are to both. One could not exist without the other; the natural world around us and our concrete jungles exert just as much power over us as we do over them.  Her bold brushstrokes are the stable ground that she holds onto as an immigrant; the layers and complexity of being one, and the struggle to find a balance between both worlds intuitively guide her work.

  • 2020 
  • Signed
  • The gathering of skulls in the desert of Baja California Sur is done by a group of 36 families native to the area. All the skulls gathered came to be from natural death. The cattle roams freely in the wild, they do not have an owner. In the area, they are called ‘mountain cows”, they usually die due to the drought common in the area or due to the ingestion of a poisonous bush also common in the area. These people only collect skulls from natural deaths as for the artists it is of utmost importance to respect and acknowledge Zapotec culture in the area which believes a skull represents protection against evil spirits along as the skull came to be from natural death.

Mixed Media 34" W x 36" H

$1,500 + 200 shipping, shipping included within Continental US.