Lolita Lebrón

Alberto Zayas Montilla

Alberto Zayas Montilla (b. 1993 in Santurce, PR) researches the history of colonialism alongside the emancipatory cultures that respond, resist, and fight against imperialist violence, with special attention to the Caribbean as a space of transit throughout the history of the world. This acts as a departure point for his practice, which uses archival and personal photographs in order to engage with the history of painting, seeking to rescue and celebrate the broken memory that capital has sought to conquer
  • 2020

  • Signed

  • Lolita Lebrón was a Puerto Rican heroic pro-independence leader, poet, high-couture designer, and single mother; who led the 1954 nationalist armed attack on the US Congress, demanding freedom for Puerto Rico, and calling attention to the fact that Puerto Rico is occupied illegally by the United States of America. After enduring political imprisonment for 25 years, she was pardoned by President Jimmy Carter. The rest of her life was spent actively engaging in politics, most notably enduring an arrest and more prison time after protesting the US Navy's bombardment of the island of Vieques

9" x 12" Acrylic on Canvas

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