Light Shadowgraph, Chandelier XVIII (from the series Cameraless, Lensless)

Vanessa Albury

Vanessa Albury's work is image and process-based, formed as stills, sculpture, video, and social practices. Albury's practice extends beyond traditional photographs as “windows into the world” to objects and experiences in space and time. She exaggerates, removes, and enhances the materiality or objecthood of photographs, probing the sublime power of the image. Her bodily and societal relationship to nature is an underlying theme throughout her works. 
  • 2017
  • Signed
  • Original Work
  • Vanessa Albury started the series Cameraless, Lensless with the Light Shadowgraph, Chandelier images on a residency at Kunstvarteret Lofoten in Norway under the midnight sun. The residency is in a former retirement house without a darkroom. While there, she experimented with making photographs without a camera and without an enlarger, inspired by Anna Atkins’ first book of photography.
  • The series Cameraless, Lensless, a body of contact prints using light-related objects, plays off the literal Greek translation of the word photography, “light writing.” The grouping Light Shadowgraph, Chandelier is a series of cyanotypes created with a broken chandelier I found in a closed down junk store on the arctic islands. Albury exposed the prints to the sun and developed them in water. In the Lofoten Islands, in the summer, the sun circles in the sky and never sets, known as the midnight sun. She enjoys the play of creating images under the midnight sun with a chandelier that can no longer give off light.

Signed cyanotype on paper, 11" x 14"

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