Leftovers (41 & 31)

Kathleen Granados

Mission_Female Founded
Kathleen Granados reconfigures everyday materials such as dishtowels, furniture, and utensils, to discuss the complexities of home: a space of comfort, a container of memory, and an entrapping myth. Searching her familial history and personal memory, Granados draws connections between generational inheritances, craft, storytelling, and ritual – as well as their absences. Investigating the many facets of home has been a conduit to explore tensions between private interiors and the gaze of the public.

  • 2020
  • "Leftovers" is a series of found eating and serving spoons that hold residues of fiber from both family and found dishtowels. It is of the utmost importance that multiple timelines exist in these works through employing objects and images of varying ages; pointing to the ever-present past, and its continual mark on the future.

 #31: Tablespoon, dishtowel, modeling paste. #41: Large spoon, dishtowel, modeling paste, #31: Approximately 6" x 1.5". #41: Approximately 7" x 1.75

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