Lavinia Co-op, 1992

Linda Simpson

Mission_Female Founded
Linda Simpson's photos are of New York's drag scene of the 1980s and '90s and celebrate that colorful era. She calls the collection "The Drag Explosion."

  • 1992
  • Signed 
  • First Edition
  • From Michael Sweet in F-Stop Magazine, March 2021: "The characters in ["The Drag Explosion'] both celebrated and suffered to achieve what many of us enjoy today in the way of expressive freedoms. The least we do in return is to continue to gawk and wonder at their awesome celebration of artifice and exaggeration—of otherness—regardless of how similar we might all be in the end. "The Drag Explosion," at its core, documents an important moment in not just drag history but history most generally. Linda Simpson has put forth a brilliant collection of her most personal photographs from an era that has gone dark."

35-MM film, 13" x 17"

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