Laughing Cow

Su Su


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Often referencing American pop culture and her Chinese background, Su Su’s work explores personal reminiscence, cultural anxiety, and societal deconstruction under globalization. Su Su’s view of global cultural distortion is reflected in the unconventional use of media and an experimental technique the artist has created of extruding oil paint via medical syringe onto and through a porous synthetic fabric. The technique creates warped topographies of imagery resurfaced on the other side of the “canvas."
  • 2019
  • Signed
  • oil paints on synthetic fabric
  • In the fall of 2017, I began to think about creating a kind of painting which has a three-dimensional character. Initially, I chose to use a paint brush and food seasoning injector to build up depth on the canvas. However, there is not much spatial contrast between layers since the weight of the pigment will collapse the layers and not maintain form during the drying process. In order to increase the contrast between each layer of paint, I had to find a way to protect the pigments from collapsing.
  • I wondered if I could use gravity to my advantage by actually pushing paint through the canvas. Unfortunately, canvas is far too dense to allow this. I needed to find a different material. Inspired by one of my theater maker experiences, I began to experiment with painting on a synthetic fabric which I used for dancers costumes.
  • After multiple rounds of tests, I found a way to create a three-dimensional waving imagery, by using medical syringe to paint from the back side of the fabric - the extruded painting

oil painting, 18x18

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